I was having trouble sleeping, waking up several times throughout the night and experiencing a bit of anxiety. After taking the tinctures my sleep felt much more natural and small things that normally would have caused me anxiety felt more manageable.

– Ana

Since working with Carolyn my everyday state of being has improved. I was skeptical at first, but herbs now make a lot of sense to me, especially since my experience through treatment continues to be extremely beneficial to my quality of life. After years of nerve pain, complications from old surgeries, and being passed from one doctor to another, herbs are a welcome catalyst that have given me a chance to begin healing.

– Jason

I had been experiencing bouts of anxiety off and on for the last few years.  I recently underwent sit down therapy to finally address my anxiety and try to get to the root of it.  I had minimal success and was about to go to pharmaceuticals when I was recommended to try herbal treatment.  After the first few weeks I started to notice my everyday anxiety had lessened and then severely diminished by the end of my regimen.

– Tom

Though over-the-counter pharmeceuticals have worked to manage the symptoms of my allergies, I’ve always hated being dependent on them to feel well. When I started to develop allergic reactions to favorite foods, I decided to seek help. I am naturally a skeptic and wasn’t convinced that an herbal approach would work for me. However, the herbs worked to decrease the intensity of my allergic reactions and in many cases, I’ve stopped using other allergy medicine at all. Carolyn’s willingness to talk with me about the process and her support in thinking through my allergies also taught me to think about my body in new ways. A very different experience than working with doctors – I felt listened to, respected, and learned a great deal more about my health.

– Alex

Carolyn Smith is a fantastic herbalist. I greatly appreciate her passion, knowledge, and general disposition. She is a well-rounded herbalist with an interest in, not only herbs & flower essences, but the whole human body as a system. Carolyn is continually expanding her knowledge through classes, apprenticeships, and consultations. She has a calming presence during consultations, and is always very attentive. She’s a proficient‚Äč pulse-tester, and can easily determine which herbs will be effective for an individual. Carolyn is also very accommodating regarding scheduling. I can’t recommend her highly enough!


I first got into herbal medicine because Carolyn taught a really great series of classes that left me curious about how herbal medicine could help me. Carolyn is a really patient person and is comfortable to work with. I threw out several areas where I was concerned with and Carolyn was knowledgeable in her remedies that she wanted to test. My life greatly improved after treating a few symptoms and I felt balanced overall. I no longer felt my anxiety and depression was an issue and working with my doctor got the okay to stop taking my prescriptions. I definitely recommend Carolyn as an herbalist and teacher! 


I went to Carolyn because I wanted to go an alternative route for mental health. I have had minimum experience with going to an herbalist and overall it was a very positive experience. She is professional and thorough with her questions to make sure you get the right medicine. The herbs at the time was a success. She is extremely caring and knowledgeable about making sure the herbs are working with you. I would not hesitate to go back to her and would recommend anyone her way.


I currently am using cayenne and nettle tinctures along with a physician prescribed low dose medication for control of my blood pressure.  Before using herbs, the low dose med was not effective and my cardiologist wanted to prescribe an additional medication.  It was then that Carolyn suggested the cayenne.  Well since then I am able to keep my blood pressure under control using the original low dose medication combined with the herbs!  I also have been using a topical application of nettle herbs for use on my hands, I had developed arthritis points on several of my joints.  By using these herbs topically, all but two joints have returned to normal.  The swelling on the remaining two, which were the most severe, has been reduced significantly and is still continuing to lower.  I am grateful for the results.


Carolyn is an excellent herbalist! I have been seeing her for a number of years. She has helped me immensely with emotional and cognitive difficulties. My digestive issues, allergies and other physical problems have improved so much that I rarely need to take medicine for them, either herbal or pharmaceutical. I highly recommend seeing her if you haven’t had improvements from other modalities of medicine.


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