Classes & Events 2022

Wednesday, May 18th : Introduction to Herbalism – Using Plants as Medicine

$45 –  from 5-7:30pm at The Tao Herbery/Tao Natural Foods (call the Tao Herbery (612) 377-4632 to register)

Understanding the many things we can do to stay healthy, including using the plants that grow around us, is as important now as it has ever been. Both our recent and distant ancestors used herbs as medicine, for both daily and acute health concerns. We can easily re-integrate these simple and natural elements into our health practices every day.

In this session, we will cover some of the basic understandings about using plants as medicine, it’s not as inaccessible as you may think.  We will cover a basic trajectory of plant evolution and the sentient and intelligent capacities of plants as well to gain an understanding and appreciation for them as beings that we can cultivate a relationship with, not just use as objects for our purposes.  Healing comes in many forms and developing a relationship with the natural world is a healing act in itself for ourselves and all beings.

Weather permitting this workshop will also include a plant walk – the best way to come to know plants is by getting to know them yourself!  Observing them, tasting them, and getting comfortable working with them on your own will start you on your own path to cultivating a relationship with plants and herbalism.  The plants are the teachers and we learn best straight from them!

Thursday, June 9th : Introduction to Flower Essences – Energetic Balancing for Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Physical Health

$40 (materials included) – from 5-7pm at The Tao Herbery/Tao Natural Foods (call the Tao Herbery (612) 377-4632 to register)

Flower essences are an easy way to concentrate and preserve effective remedies from the plant world for a variety of health issues. Each flower essence contains its own unique energetic support for common states of emotional, spiritual, mental and even physical imbalance.

In this class, we will get acquainted with what flower essences are, how they are made, and how they work. Since they are made through an energetic preparation of the flower expression of a plant (not always, but in general), they work on the subtle body and the vibrational field surrounding our physical body.  This tends to work well to help shift emotional and psychological patterns of imbalance but can work by connection to shift the physical body patterns as well (mind/emotional/body relationship).

In this class we will get acquainted with several plant helpers in the form of flower essences that have potential in relief for difficult emotional and mental states that are extremely common in contemporary human experience.  Each participant will create their own custom flower essence blend to take home from class.

Recorded Past Classes Available to View – through The Farm Table in Amery, WI

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